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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages of Faux Finishes and Decorative Painting?



  • It can be applied to various surfaces such as drywall, wood, metal, leather, tile, glass, or plastic laminate (Formica)



  • It is cost effective way to bring transformation



  • It is customized to your existing color scheme and budget



  • No seams, mess, or costly removal like wallpaper 



  • It never peels and is not a repeated machine print



  • Textured finishes can hide surface flaws


Decorative paint finishes have endless possibilities that may surprise you.


Can a job be too big or small?


All jobs regardless of size are treated with equal care.

How do we get started? 


We begin by discussing the project, your ideas, colors, finishes, etc. Next, I select samples based on our conversation to be brought to our initial meeting. 

During this initial in-home consultation we consider physical elements; such as lighting, flooring, furnishings, and scale to determine the best options.  

Do you provide sample boards?


Samples of the chosen finish will be made for you when you decide to proceed with your project and make a deposit. The approved sample will then be the model from which the project will be executed from.


Do you do regular wall painting as well?

Sometimes needs require regular painting.  We are pleased to provide straight painting.


Are you licensed and insured?


Yes, we are licensed and fully insured.




Is painted cabinetry durable?


Yes, with the right products and application method, cabinets are durable and withstand the everyday kitchen wear and tear.

Do  you have samples of work?

Yes, we have full size doors for you to touch and imagine in your home.

If I have additional cabinets installed can you match the finish?

Yes, we can custom match colors and finish to your cabinetry.

Can you produce a custom color?

Yes, all paint colors are custom as well as glazes and stains. We also color match a sample you have provided.

Do you do any carpentry work?

Yes, repairing damages on cabinetry can be done. On the kitchens where it is applicable, crown molding and light rail moulding can be added.



How do I commission a mural and what are the steps involved?


Contact us with your ideas and vision for a mural  and we will be happy to speak and meet with you personally.  We will take detailed measurements and photographs, and collaborate with you in determining the best placement and subject matter. Once we have established a theme or basic direction, we take into consideration the room, funiture and decor before offering ideas.  A general idea of the budget should be discussed as this determines how much detail the mural will have. 


When we have the major concepts worked out, a rough sketch is prepared to show you what the mural should look like, gathering relevant images for details. 


A sketch fee of $200.00 is required which includes up to 2 sets of changes by the client and is deducted from the price of the project balance should you decide to place a commision.  A sketch takes considerable time and research, therefore the sketch fee is non-refundable should you decide not to move forward.


A deposit of 1/3 is required to schedule a start date and every attempt will be made to accommodate the client’s time line.  


Do you paint murals on canvas as well as walls?


Yes, we offer you the option of having your mural painted in our studio.

The benefits of this are:


  • Your household or business is disrupted for only the day it takes to install the mural   

  • Canvas murals can be shipped anywhere

  • Canvas murals are removable should you ever move  


How much time does it take to paint a mural?


All murals are custom designed for each client and the amount of time varies depending upon these factors:


  • The size 

  • The complexity of the subject matter 

  • The amount of detail

  • The height and difficulty of the area where the mural is to be painted





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